Fishbusterz Key West Seafood Market

About Fishbusterz Key West Seafood Market

Fishbusterz Fisheries is the largest wholesale fishery and Retail Seafood Market in the state of Florida. We are a USDC approved, HACCP compliant facility located in Safe Harbor on Stock Island, Key West, FL.

We specialize in a wide variety of local American seafood, including Florida spiny lobster, stone crab, Key West pink shrimp, yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper, hog fish, red and black grouper, swordfish, lion fish, mahi mahi, tuna, hog fish, mackerel and king fish. Fishbusterz has been regularly shipping truckloads of the highest quality wild-caught seafood throughout the United States for over ten years. Not to mention that we also overnight ship our seafood direct to residences and businesses everywhere in the continental US.

Additionally, we have one of the largest ice plants on the eastern seaboard. Give us a call for more information.

Years ago, thousands of shrimp boats filled our harbor and harvested millions of pounds of Key West pink shrimp. World renowned for their pink color and sweet taste, this wild caught shrimp is truly a delicacy for the seafood connoisseur. Although the shrimping fleet has grown much smaller over the years, we’re still proud to be able to offer authentic pink shrimp caught in Key West, a unique staple of our island and a time-honored culinary tradition throughout the Florida Keys. We hope you’ll try this special seafood, and know that you will never want to eat another type of shrimp again!

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